Case Study: Improving Shovel and Excavator Productivity


Shovel and excavator productivity has been in decline in Australia over the last few years, resulting in unnecessary wasted expenditure. MEC Mining can assist in achieving optimal productivity. A move to optimal productivity can save $0.30 per bcm or $3 per tonne, as well as improving operating and safety conditions at the dig face. Large improvements can be achieved with simple and repeatable measures that concentrate on improving the basic cycle time of components. In other words, increased production can be achieved simply by optimising basic dig area setup and operating parameters. So ask yourself this question: Where does your machine sit on the curve?

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Case Study – Schedule Levelling


Confidence that the Mine Plan reflects the mining strategy and the Mine Plan is robust and achievable.

Aspects to consider:

  • Mine Plan has been validated, and that all schedule activities are linked correctly.
  • Intricacies and risks are understood.
  • Opportunities are understood and are maximised.

By considering these aspects, project value is maximised and the project’s performance remains aligned with stakeholder expectation.

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Case Study – Multiple Life of Mine Scenario Planning


An Open Cut Dragline Mine in the Hunter Valley, NSW needed their LOM plan run in a value case comparison to compare 5 mining scenarios. They needed justification, through quantified and comparable results, to determine the best strategy to proceed with for the life of the mine. MEC took the clients previous LOM and truck haulage models, modifying them to achieve the required 5 scenarios. With the results from the MEC schedules the client was able to understand the lowest risk scenario and determine the feasibility of implementing the new scenario.

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Case Study – Open Cut Coal Life of Mine Plan; Mining and Dumping Sequence


An open cut coal mine in New South Wales requested an analysis of different mining options including direction of mining and waste dump sequencing. MEC Mining’s schedule enabled managers to plan the adjustments in the excavation and hauling fleets whilst ensuring the stability of production. Over and above that, MEC’s recommendation was subsequently used for long term strategic planning and departmental approval. This is because MEC has a wealth of experience in best practice methodology and expertise in mine planning software, crucial in evaluating various mining options in changing conditions.

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Case Study – Dragline Design


MEC Mining enabled a productive open cut coal mine to optimise an existing dragline operation, thereby decreasing truck and shovel use and maintaining coal targets. The company approached MEC to provide an analysis of options that would maintain budgeted coal uncovery while maximising dragline efficiency in a key operational pit. MEC presented a diverse range of options that allowed the client to prepare for any possible scenario. MEC prepared short term designs and plans and presented key findings that enabled the client to prioritise areas of the pit.

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