Project: Open Cut Metals Mine – From Optimised Pit Shell to Practical Mining Sequence

Current commodity prices and ever-increasing competition between mining operations dictate cost effective, achievable and well-presented mining sequence. 

Company Profile

The company operates an open cut Iron Ore mine and required a detailed mining sequence which would incorporate current short term plans and extend the mine plan to an optimized pit shell.   Ore body has complex structure and mining sequence had to follow prescribed operational priorities. Mining production is planned to ramp up significantly over the next 12 months and detailed and realistic mine plans became crucial for reliable production forecasts and shipping schedules. 

Key Issues

  • Alignment of production demands and practicality of mining sequence
  • Difficult operating conditions
  • Ore and waste haulage strategy
  • Optimized pit shell and local conditions
  • Infrastructure and impact on reserve

Our Solution

MEC took the following approach to help achieve the objectives:

  • Familiarization with ore body
  • Review of factors impacting on available mineable reserves
  • Adjustment of the optimized pit shell, reduction in SR and preservation of infrastructure
  • Determination of long term mining sequence – design of semi-permanent haulroad
  • Development of medium term mining sequence, consistent with the long term plans

Benefits to The Client

The definition of mining sequence enabled the operation to mine more efficient and with clear understanding of priorities. Understanding of mining sequence and location of main features of the pit will prevent costly errors and delays in production.