MEC Mining is a global mining consultancy specialising in mine planning, onsite management and technical services solutions for the international mining industry.

Since 2005, MEC has grown into one of the leading consultancy firms with an experienced team of consultants; specialising in both the open cut and underground mining for the coal and minerals sectors.

MEC Mining understands that quality of outcomes is paramount and people and experience matter. This is why we deliver high quality work that enhances the value of our clients’ projects and our team of experienced consultants bring a diverse range of knowledge to each project.

Everything we do at MEC is underpinned by our company values. They inform how we work with our clients, how we solve problems, how we innovate, and how we grow as a team.

  • We support and achieve balance in all aspects of our lives.
  • We make relationships count.
  • We deliver impactful outcomes to drive value.
  • We do the highest quality work to get the right outcomes.
  • We create a continuous learning and improvement environment for everyone. Our clients, our company and our team.

Our Services

Mine Studies

MEC Mining has a team of skilled and experienced mine planners and geologists, undertaking work on mining studies across various commodities and mining methods.

Operational Readiness

Our team of experienced engineers and geologists assist our clients to make the transition into production or from contractor to owner operator.

Operational Planning

MEC Mining provides quality people for professional site roles from our pool of trained and experienced engineers.

Mine Closure

MEC Mining provides mine planning solutions to minimise closure cost and environmental impact of mining projects.

Our Clients

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