The MEC Mining Graduate Program aims to provide our recently graduated Mining Engineers with a wide range of professional development tools and industry opportunities.  The program also enables graduates to develop a solid foundation and prepare themselves for their journey from Graduate Engineer to emerging professional and beyond.   

It is a custom made, flexible 24 month program which commences in Jan/July each year. Completion of the program depends on each graduate’s skill set and industry experience.  A minimum of 12 months must be completed before transitioning to a Mining Engineer role.

Graduate Development

The program embeds the 70:20:10 formula into a rich blended learning experience offering a holistic approach to the development of our graduates. 

  • 70% of learning happens on the job e.g. project work, daily tasks, job shadowing 
  • 20% of learning happens through others e.g. manager/mentor support 
  • 10% of learning happens through formal learning e.g. workshops, courses (formal and online) 

Throughout the 24 month Program, we offer a variety of learning modes at MEC Mining including face-to-face in small and large groups and web-based learning. At the beginning of each placement you are set up with your own personalised learning roadmap that outlines the learning you can expect. This professional development program is in addition to the technical learning you receive on rotation. 

The program consists of four elements working together:  

  • Core Development – this is completed by all Graduate Engineers in the program. These key competencies and areas have been identified by the business as critical for success.  
  • Technical Development – this includes on the job learning, mandatory and individually tailored technical or industry-specific training, which is identified by a Graduate Engineer and their manager.  
  • Soft Skill & Career Development – enables Graduate Engineers to use position descriptions/Success Profiles/career pathway to assess their skills, identify career paths available and commence requirements for progression to professional status.  
  • Learning Feedback and Support – business standard activities throughout the program such as half-yearly performance reviews, and manager and mentor support.  

Graduate Blog

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The MEC Mining Graduate Program provides our Graduate Mining Engineers with a wide range of professional development tools and industry opportunities.  The …

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