With the global acceptance of climate change models, there is a growing trend to shift from fossil fuels to renewables. MEC Advisory is uniquely placed to provide both technological and advisory support to assist mining companies to align ESG commitments to their portfolios as they address the social impact of their investments.

Rehabilitation and Closure

  • Closure planning and reviews
  • Contractor engagement, management, tender preparation and evaluation
  • Landform and Rehabilitation Plans
  • Cost Estimation
  • Dozerpush Plans and Designs
  • Estimated Rehabilitation Cost Calculator (QLD)
  • Landform Optioneering and Optimisation
  • Equipment Selection

Projects and Governance

  • Business Planning Governance
  • Technical and Operations Systems Improvements
  • Environmental Assessment and Management Plans
  • Water Management Plans and Project Management
  • Environmental Policy Change assessments
  • Provision of professional and supervisory personnel


  • Decarbonisation scenario assessments
  • Carbon neutral transition plan
  • Detailed operational mine designs and schedules
  • Planning process development
  • Operational systems implementation