David Plowman – MEC’s Experienced and Versatile Principal Mining Engineer

With more than 20 years’ experience in the coal, copper and gold-mining industries, David is a highly experienced and versatile mining operations and technical professional. He joined MEC in February, 2015 as a Principal Mining Engineer and is highly adept at delivering successful mining projects. Prior to joining MEC, David has held high-level operations and technical roles such as Mining Superintendent at CST Minerals Lady Annie Pty Ltd and Operations Manager and Superintendent Operations Planning at BHP Billiton.

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MEC Delivers UG Coal LOM Strategies

Life of Mine design, scheduling and financial reviews have recently been completed by MEC Mining for two major underground coal resources in the Bowen Basin. The critical success factor was timely completion to meet business requirements and our Senior Mining Consultant Geoff Watson delivered the optimised production scenarios in around 3 weeks. In addition, capital and operating cost models were reviewed and updated to generate LOM financial evaluations.

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Insourcing Vs Outsourcing: What’s Best For Your Business?

Lately I’ve noticed an increase in the market trend of insourcing and outsourcing. What is the difference in value creation for your organisation? Which one will serve you best?

These are the questions companies need to ask themselves in the current cost-pressurised environment. Will it work best for you to insource, by bringing in a third party to work from within your company? Or will you be better off outsourcing, by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers, rather than completing it internally?

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Nice guys don’t finish last

The saying goes that nice guys finish last and for the early part of my career, this used to really bug me. I was only good at being nice and my conscience would usually stop me from doing mean things at the frequency that I thought might be required to get ahead. With the passing of time it is now clear that the saying is not true. I have seen a few not so nice guys come and go. On balance the vast majority did not get ahead and many matured a little and snapped out of being mean because it wasn’t helping their cause.

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