Benefits of Bulk Dozer Push for Open Cut Coal

With the recent spike in the coal price many open cut coal mines are looking at bulk dozer push as a strategy to increase the overall stripping and uncover more coal. Bulk dozer push can be applied in most situations where the coal dip is less than 20 degrees and has the following advantages:

Bulk Dozer Push 2

  • Typically significantly lower cost than truck shovel
  • Lower capital cost than draglines
  • Able to move more material per operator hour than all but the largest of excavator fleets
  • Bulk dozer push is less susceptible to wet weather stoppages than truck shovel fleets
  • Highly flexible and able to respond effectively to changes in the schedule
  • Relatively simple and quick to mobilise a new dozer fleet

MEC Mining has developed evaluation and simulation processes that allows for multiple scenarios to be evaluated using dozer factors calibrated with real world dozer performance. Our planning processes help to determine the optimal pit configuration and operational strategy to maximise dozer production.

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