Career pivots: how to make it happen

“Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, but success comes where preparation and opportunity meet”

This excerpt is by MEC Mining’s Technical Services Manager, Erin Sweeney: A results-focused and experienced mining professional who has worked across a broad range of commodities including gold, base metals, iron ore and coal operations. Her background lies in geotechnical engineering, designing, modelling and implementing cost-effective, innovative mine solutions in both site-based and in consultative roles. Erin has leveraged these skills into project management and then leadership roles with a focus on adding value, ensuring safe sustainable cash flow and growth through technical influence.

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Five Top Tips for Choosing the Right Role: Career Opportunities for Graduate Mining Engineers

Written by Loren Ager, MEC Mining – Principal of Learning & Development

Graduating from university is an exciting but nerve-wracking time.  Mining industry graduate programs are highly competitive, offer diverse career development opportunities and are often highly paid.  Being organised early and planning for the right job choice can help with the transition from university student to graduate mining engineer. 

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How to keep yourself productive when working from home: six tips for the uninitiated

First and foremost, our hearts go out to those across the globe who are impacted by the COVID-19 virus. With the current threat level of this virus, we can expect disturbances to our work life, as well as our home life – including changes to where we set up for work each day. In the coming weeks, more and more employees in Australia will be encouraged and/or directed to work from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Languages at MEC Mining

As a global mining consultancy, the MEC Mining team encompasses incredible cultural diversity as many of our employees and their families have direct links to over twenty different countries across the globe. As we are based in Australia, with offices in Brisbane and Perth, our common language is English. With such great cultural diversity, many of our consultants are bilingual (to different degrees), with exposure to 23 different languages.

As we work with clients from across the globe, having employees with extra language skills helps us to convey solutions when often there isn’t a direct translation. This means that we can specialise in mine planning, onsite management and technical services solutions for the international mining industry. And of course, it makes for an interesting working environment, with many different cultural perspectives and experiences!

Written by James Cooney, Principal Advisor and Manager of MEC Advisory