CV tips to land your next mining job

Whether you are starting out in the mining industry, or you have been building a career for years this guide will help you decide what to include or work towards to make your Curriculum Vitae (CV) – also known as your resumé – a stand-out. A CV is the tool that will help you land an interview, so it is essential your resume is well-written and highlights your strengths and commitment to wanting the job.

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Thinking of being a mining engineer? Here’s what to expect

You have read every prospectus for every engineering course in the country and in theory the job looks ok. You have looked into the various roles throughout the entire mining process from exploration and feasibility studies through to build, production and even mine closure and land rehabilitation.  But what is life actually like as a mining engineer? What should you realistically expect? 

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Mining jobs are on the rise: how to get hired fast

Commodity prices are rising and mining activity is ramping up, which means more jobs are becoming available in Australia’s resources sector. Here’s how to capitalise on the widely reported mining skills shortage and secure the job you want.

Do your research

This is a prerequisite for any job-seeking process really, but it’s especially pertinent for a sector that has seen so much turbulence in recent years.

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