VUCA Planning: what does a resilient mine plan look like?

Many of us have entered 2020 with a great deal of trepidation. It seems the only thing we can rely on this year is taxes and death (too soon?). The world is becoming increasingly volatile and uncertainty reigns supreme, as such it is probably time we started to accept this as the new normal. If it isn’t the Coronavirus it will be a long drought, a flood, a supply chain disruption or a tech disruption that will cause us to have to suddenly change tack. But how do you plan for disruption when you have no idea what will cause it in the future.

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MEC Underground Coal Delivers Mine Planning Solutions

Faced with tight customer deadlines, MEC Mining recently delivered multiple mine planning and production scenarios for a major underground coal producer. The scope included a “first principles” mine design and bottom-up productivity review for Continuous Miners and Longwall operation. Coal reserving and production scheduling of multiple scenarios were executed with XPAC which delivered the required inputs to financial modelling.

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Case Study – Open Cut Coal Life of Mine Plan; Mining and Dumping Sequence


An open cut coal mine in New South Wales requested an analysis of different mining options including direction of mining and waste dump sequencing. MEC Mining’s schedule enabled managers to plan the adjustments in the excavation and hauling fleets whilst ensuring the stability of production. Over and above that, MEC’s recommendation was subsequently used for long term strategic planning and departmental approval. This is because MEC has a wealth of experience in best practice methodology and expertise in mine planning software, crucial in evaluating various mining options in changing conditions.

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