Bicycle fuel is expensive

I have recently started riding my bicycle into the city each day for work. The motivation is a mixture of getting fit and saving money.  I am now saving a lot of money on parking and fuel for the car, however it has become apparent that running a bicycle is not free. Basically, all the exercise makes me bloody hungry and people fuel is relatively expensive per unit of energy content compared to car fuel. A week of driving to and from work would use around 15 litres of diesel and cost around $20.

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How to Stuff an Octopus Into a Suitcase

If you shut your eyes for a second and visualise this, a person trying to stuff an octopus into a suitcase. Arms going everywhere, a few arms go in and then others come out, trying to close the lid, it is just not going to happen. Have you ever been so busy that you feel like this could be you, or are there people in your office that are like this all the time?

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