How much can Bulk Dozer Push save you?

Bulk dozer push costs are typically between $1.30 and $2.00 per bcm, and compare favourably with truck shovel costs of up to $4.00 per bcm.  Bulk dozer push can be applied in most situations where the coal dip is less than 20 degrees, offsetting other more expensive methods.  As the low capital alternative to a dragline, dozers are inexpensive to purchase and move more material per operator hour than all but the largest of excavator fleets.

Capital per unit of output:

  • Dozer $11,500 per bcm/hr of output
  • Truck Shovel $21,000 per bcm/hr of output
  • Dragline $90,000 per bcm/hr of output

Bulk dozer push is less susceptible to wet weather stoppages than truck shovel fleets and can be used to sustain coal production through the wet season.  The flexibility of bulk dozer push allows it to respond effectively to changes in the schedule, supplementing dragline production or uncovering extra coal.

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Posted by Emelia Chalker