AusIMM Project Risk Masterclass

MEC Mining’s Senior Mining Consultant Geoff Watson and other Industry Professionals gathered in Brisbane last Thursday (20 April) to raise the awareness of risk management practices when conducting early project studies and major projects. Covering many of the key risk elements such as approval, environmental, resources, reserves and financial, lively discussion illustrated the importance of managing risk through effective controls throughout the project life cycle.

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Time Heals

Time tends to claw back the pursuits of people, eventually weathering and ageing our infrastructure. Time is however our friend when it comes to mine rehabilitation. Fresh mine voids and spoil dumps are ugly, however, it would be a mistake to assume that what you see today is what it will look like in 100 years. The forces of nature are powerful when it comes to reclaiming a mine site back to nature. I tour a lot of mine sites and much of the time I can’t tell which areas of scrub are rehabilitated spoil and which areas have not been mined.

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How To Put Your Business On Steroids, Minus The Shrinkage

We have all seen the body builders that go from 10 pound weakling to Mr. Universe in the space of a year and we all know it was most likely not natural or sustainable for them in the long run. The side effects of their actions may not be immediate but are certainly not palatable to most, on the surface things look good but down below the true shrinkage is taking place. You know what I mean.

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