How To Put Your Business On Steroids, Minus The Shrinkage

We have all seen the body builders that go from 10 pound weakling to Mr. Universe in the space of a year and we all know it was most likely not natural or sustainable for them in the long run. The side effects of their actions may not be immediate but are certainly not palatable to most, on the surface things look good but down below the true shrinkage is taking place. You know what I mean.

But when it comes to business so many people try to do the same thing, how can I bulk my business up super quick with no impact? Well the answer is simple, there is no quick fix or silver bullet but there are things that you can do to get the heavy lifting done without resorting to quick fix injectables.

Trust – Your people are your greatest ally. Trust the people in your business with making decisions that will benefit the business. If you can’t trust them, then my suggestion is get rid of them, why hire someone you don’t believe in.

Focus – Don’t try and boil the ocean. Pick certain areas to build based on priority and break the problem down into bit size pieces, my favourite saying is “Eat the Elephant In Small Bites”.

Fail Fast – Don’t be deterred by setbacks, be curious and experiment. Resilience is one of your biggest assets in growing your business, don’t bet the farm on your first attempt be prepared to fail and treat it as an investment in your next success.

Be Curious & Share – Get out there. See what others are doing, be brave and ask the “stupid question” you may be too fearful to ask. Learning from and sharing your experience with others is the best way to leverage and grow your business knowledge.

These 4 steps will put your business growth on the right track, creating sustainable change without shrinking your prized assets.

Written by Simon Cohn (Managing Director)