Jason Huo – MEC’s Young Gun Mining Engineer

Jason joined MEC Mining in 2014 as an undergraduate engineer and since then he has thrived as a Mining Engineer, he currently holds a Bachelor of Mechanical and Mechtronics and completed his Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in 2015.

Here, Jason shares some of his highlights and personal insights on his career:

What do you specialise in? I specialise in Mine Planning, Design, Reserve and Scheduling.

What has been your most memorable project to date? For me, I would have to say the Terrcom BAC Coal Project as this was the first project I was involved with from inception to closure.

Have you noticed any new trends in the UG Coal world? Yes, there are quite a few open cut coal deposits which are close to completion and now the focus has been shifted to the underground coal mining space.  And with the rise of the current met coal price more studies are underway for opening new underground met coal mines.

How has technology helped or enhanced your scope of work? For my current role, computer processing time is always critical to the project and technology has assisted me in reducing the process time. A new tool within the software has also enabled fewer steps to complete a scope of work, saving me time and making me more efficient.

In your opinion, do you think the mining industry has overcome the downturn? In my opinion, mining has definitely emerged from the downturn, but I still think there will more tough times to face in the future for this industry.

What is your favourite past time? Travelling, I enjoy seeing the world and experiencing the different cultures.

Who inspires? Inspiration definitely comes from my parents- Mom and Dad.

What advise would you give to an undergraduate engineer? Practical experience is the key to secure a job after graduation, so try to accumulate practical experience as much as you can.