New Practical Geostatistics Credential Revolutionises Spatial Data Analysis Skills for Industry Professionals

MEC Mining and Curtin University proudly announce the launch of an innovative short course, Practical Geostatistics. This program is meticulously crafted to elevate professionals’ expertise in spatial data analysis, kriging techniques, and mineral resource estimation, providing participants with the knowledge and practical skills essential for making informed and effective decisions in the industry.

“Geostatistics is at the heart of informed decision-making in Mineral Resource estimation. Our Practical Geostatistics Credential, developed in collaboration with Curtin University, empowers professionals with the knowledge and practical skills essential for accurate spatial data analysis, advanced kriging techniques, and Mineral Resource estimation.

This credential is not just about theory; it’s about providing hands-on experience with industry-standard software coupled with real-world mineral data sets. At MEC Mining, we are proud to contribute to the upskilling of geoscience professionals, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the evolving mining landscape,” said Michael Atkinson, Geology Manager, MEC Mining.

This credentialed course seamlessly blends geostatistical theory with practical, hands-on experience using industry-standard geostatistical software. The partnership ensures that participants receive a well-rounded education, combining academic rigor with real-world applicability.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin University is thrilled to collaborate with MEC Mining in delivering the Practical Geostatistics Credential. This initiative aligns with the Faculty’s commitment to providing upskilling opportunities for the resources sector, enhancing the knowledge of geoscience professionals in contemporary geostatistical techniques.

“By partnering with MEC Mining in the design and delivery of the program, we ensure that the course provides the theoretical underpinning and industry relevance necessary for learners to rapidly apply new techniques and required reporting frameworks in their workplace,” said Professor Chris Rawson, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor – Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin University.

Participants can engage in self-paced online modules, coupled with an immersive 5-day workshop in Perth. 150 hours over a span of 12 weeks, with enrolments open until 7th February.

To enrol or learn more about the Practical Geostatistics Credential, visit