FIFO Fitness

According to research, FIFO workers are significantly more likely to be overweight than other workers. But food is not the only contributing factor. Irregular hours, shifting locations and variable sleep patterns play havoc with their health. Add to this mix the boredom factor and the stats aren’t too surprising. So, what to do?

Be aware       

Try to be mindful of onsite habits.

  • Don’t routinely use the mess for meals. When you do eat in the mess, be mindful of that enticing, but lethal, fatty smell as you enter. Use it as a reminder to choose the healthier option – high fibre foods, salads, veggies.
  • Be conscious of how you feel. If you’re full, don’t head for the dessert bar.
  • Leave with something healthy for breakfast or lunch – sandwiches, wraps, fruit – so you can avoid the mess altogether for some meals.
  • Be aware of snacking habits and have some healthy options at hand to avoid eating junk
  • Be conscious that ‘home time’ doesn’t mean relapsing. Instead continue your healthy routine but in familiar surroundings. Enjoy meals out and socialising but don’t over-indulge – particularly with alcohol!

Be active        

There’s a difference between working hard and exercising.

  • Create a routine to burn off excess energy at the end of each day. A run or gym session will not only benefit your health but improve your sleep and mental health too.
  • Not a gym fan? Try finding one piece of equipment that you do like. Use your phone to listen to a podcast to overcome your boredom – it’s a surprisingly addictive combination and will stop you mindlessly scrolling.
  • Rope in some mates and make exercise your group challenge.

Be disciplined

Make a commitment to your health and well-being and stick to it.

Remember, if you fall off the horse, get right back on and learn to love the ride. Your body, your mind and your loved ones will thank you for it.

Learning to Love Networking

Love it or loathe it, networking is an essential component of today’s business world. Aside from some extroverts who thrive on the social engagement involved in networking and love cold-calling and working a room, many see it as a somewhat superficial exercise that lacks authenticity. However, the research says something different. According to Neil Munz-Jones, author of ‘The Reluctant Networker’, up to 70% of positions are filled via networking and he has numerous stories of how networking led to the sale of new consulting projects.

Connectivity provided by the internet means that research and exchange of ideas prompting cooperation and collaboration is easier than ever and doesn’t involve ‘door-knocking’. In fact, the technology has provided a safe first step for reluctant networkers to approach strangers. Shifting our thinking about networking from the ‘who can give me a leg-up?’ view to ‘who is like-minded and can benefit from our services?’ is the first step in viewing it as a valuable and authentic part of building mutually beneficial relationships.

If you think about it, networking is only an embarrassing exercise if you are a snake oil seller. If you have faith in your company, and the services and products you sell, why would you not want to share that with others?

Top 5 Uses Of Gold – One Of The World’s Most Coveted Metals

Gold is one of the most highly-desired and useful metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the precious yellow metal conducts electricity and does not tarnish. These qualities make it the metal of choice for the industrial, medical and technology industries, just to name a few.

Arguably no other metal has been held in higher esteem throughout history, with almost every established culture using gold to symbolise power, beauty, purity and accomplishment.

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