Cobalt crunch

There is a crunch coming in Cobalt supply as electric cars become more common. There is 25kg of cobalt in the lithium ion battery pack of a Chevy Bolt. Looking down the track 5 years, let’s say that 10% of 78 million cars sold world wide are electric. This will require 195,000 tonnes of additional Cobalt supply each year. Currently the total world production is only 123,000 tonnes, all of which is already needed to make items such as aircraft parts.

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Announcement: Chris Catania joins MEC Mining

MEC Mining welcomes the return of Chris Catania to the MEC Mining team in the role of Principal Mining Engineer.  In his role he will manage the MEC Projects team and be a key member of our leadership team.

Chris previously worked with MEC as a Team Leader in the Brisbane office and returns to us after two years working for Kaz Mineral’s at their Aktogay Copper Mine in Kazakhstan. During Chris’s tenure as the Planning Superintendent in Kazakhstan he managed a large mining engineering team and was responsible for the development of mine planning processes and systems.

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Mining Technical Professionals are in High Demand

Markets are funny beasts, the moment you think you have it figured out, something comes along that makes you rethink your strategy.

Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth” The dynamic nature of the mining industry makes it not to dissimilar to boxing, in FY12 we got the first uppercut which sent us into a tail spin and for some it was a TKO. The strong ones staggered back to their feet and kept slogging away for a few rounds. FY17 saw the second uppercut come along as a wakeup call to get moving again.

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