MEC Mining launches innovative consultancy platform EnhanceA

We’re pleased to introduce MEC Mining’s latest startup venture, EnhanceA.

EnhanceA is the only online platform that allows clients to search, book and engage with consultants across multiple companies in the mining, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors. Our software streamlines the process of engaging consultants, making it simpler and more efficient for both businesses and individuals.

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3 ways to get 25% more production out of your dozers

  1. Use a production blade. Spade blade and Komatsu IMac blades increase production by up to 20% compared to standard U blades.
  2. Optimise your design for push productivity in 3D. This often improves productivity by 25% in rehab and by up to 15% in production dozing. 3D Data Guidance make software that does this.
  3. Use GPS the guidance system to display push direction vectors to the operator. This cuts unplanned rehandle by up to 20% and shortens the learning curve for new operators.

What Does It Take To Be An Employer Of Choice?

I often get asked “What does it take to become an employer of choice?”, interesting question when you reflect on what this actually means?

What makes employees view a company as being at the pinnacle of their industry where working there becomes a statement about a persons ability, a sign of quality and employees who work there wear the company’s logo as a badge of honour.

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Industry Leaders Converge at MEC Mining Industry Breakfast Forum

On Wednesday 3 May, MEC Mining hosted a breakfast forum at the Brisbane Club, which  featured an exciting panel discussion with leading industry experts.

At the event, Lucas Dow of Integrated Global Partners delivered a keynote presentation entitled “Information and technology within the resources sector – our saviour or hindrance?” following which panellists discussed market conditions and the technology trends that influence them.

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