What Attributes do Mining Companies look for in Graduates?

With mining providing 1.1 million jobs and around 10% of all employment, if you’re a recent graduate, or graduating shortly, we would encourage you to consider a future in Australia’s mining industry.

With a mini boom being experienced in the industry due to the billions of dollars that are being invested in new projects and exploration, many companies are on the hunt for the best graduates. The mining industry offers countless fulfilling and rewarding career opportunities for graduates with degrees in any number of disciplines, including engineering, environmental science, business, geology, human resources, occupational health and safety, information technology, and more.

It’s a great time to get into the industry with university course intake and graduation levels are at dangerously low levels. They’re relying on graduates as when the industry is thriving, mining companies will naturally move to open to scope of the graduate talent they hope to secure.

What are these companies looking for you might ask? The team at MEC Mining are looking for graduates with the following three attributes:


In certain STEM-related disciplines, employers definitely value graduates who have also completed an Honours or Master’s degree – even more so if it has a particular relevance to their project, commodity or mineralisation style.

Many in the industry perceive these higher-level qualifications as a good indicator that an individual has a strong passion and dedication to their chosen career and field.


Being willing to try a variety of roles and responsibilities, which may include starting in a more junior capacity, is something mining companies often look for.

For instance, graduate geologists who are prepared to start as a field assistant or pit technician demonstrate behavioural traits employers like to see. That’s not to say they don’t look for ambition in a graduate – quite the contrary – but someone who is diligent and unpretentious will often excel, and that’s what they want to see.


These three attributes are vital behaviours which speak volumes about you, as a graduate, and they lead mining company employers to make positive conclusions about the kind of person you are and the kind of employee you will be.

Punctuality, reliability and a desire to learn can all be exhibited from the moment an application is lodged, right up to the interview stage, and then throughout the follow-up processes.

Applying these three attributes are a sure way to know you will be successful in the mining industry! If you would like to know more, be sure to get in contact with our Head of Talent Management, Cheryl Holton on [email protected] or 38320301.