Iron ore is awesome!

Iron ore could be forgiven for suffering from an inferiority complex. It has a bit of a dull reputation compared to its fellow commodities.  It’s not as glamorous as gold or silver.  Even Copper is cooler. For most people the words iron ore trigger vague memories of school homework and the general notion that it’s handy to build stuff. Well we really should be more grateful to this humble looking rock. It’s contribution to our technological, economic, and cultural development spanning several thousand years is immeasurable and it is impossible to imagine life today without it.

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Case Study – Iron Ore Mine Optimisation

Current commodity prices and ever-increasing competition between mining operations dictate a cost effective, achievable and well-presented mining sequence. MEC Mining was approached by an open cut iron ore mine to optimise their detailed mining sequence. The solution proposed by MEC Mining and implemented by the client enabled the operation to mine more efficiently, preventing costly errors and delays in production.

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