Dump Scheduling and Haulage Simulation

One of the major financial impacts on any mine site is the number of trucks required to extract the coal/ore. By accurately evaluating the cycle times of individual haul routes from mining blocks to dump locations over the course of the mine life, the total amount of trucks at different years can be established. By evaluating alternate scenarios for dumping strategies sites can establish which option offers the lowest truck hours.

Deswik easily allows sites to create multiple scenarios allowing different haul routes and dump locations to be evaluated.  By keeping the pit design, scheduling and land haulage all in the same program, the auditing of results is much easier to complete.  By linking the mining areas to the dumping locations via haul roads it is easy to visualise where trucks will be dumping over the life of asset.

Drawing upon the operational and technical knowledge of the MEC Mining team we are able to find the optimum dumping location for the scheduled material movement. MEC Mining also offers Deswik LHS training to teach technical services employees how to use the program.


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