Crowd-Sourced Mining Benchmark Data, Is It Possible?

At the end of this article I reckon I might be able to answer my own question.

The team and I were talking the other day about how hard it is to get real data that can be used for bench-marking equipment performance. It can be expensive and not always reliable. So I thought I would test the theory that most people have the same problem and most people hold a small piece of data about their own equipment that would help complete the overall puzzle for everyone.

So here goes….

I have setup a survey monkey for people to enter their excavator dig-rate data for different equipment types with some very basic site information to help standardise the results. Apologies if your excavator is not there, this is by no means an exhaustive list of equipment.

This link will take you there.

Click Here For The Survey

If you have more than one excavator and want to put more data in then please just do the survey again.

If I can get a big enough data sample i will publish and distribute the results to those that want to leave their email address, otherwise please keep an eye out on my posts to see when the results are available. Will probably be at least 2 months to get enough data together.

Please share this post as the more that participate the better the data should be.

Written by Simon Cohn (Managing Director)