Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy: Key topic at MEC Mining’s Women in Mining breakfast

MEC Mining hosted a Women in Mining and Queensland (WIMARQ) breakfast with leadership consultant and executive coach Rebecca Livesey from Achieve-Lead-Succeed on Thursday 24 May at Alchemy Bar and Restaurant in Brisbane.

Over 50 females from the resources sector attended the breakfast forum to hear about “Captivating Leadership: Balancing Masculine and Feminine energy in leadership regardless of gender”.

General Manager- Strategy and Business Development and WIMARQ Committee Chair Maria Joyce opened the event by welcoming Rebecca Livesey, her trusted leadership coach.

Image 4Rebecca Livesey then took to the stage and presented on how we can balance both feminine and masculine energy in leadership. She stated that there is currently a problem in leadership, “right now given at best we have 50% employee engagement around the world. And in every business everywhere, people make the profits so why are we not addressing this?”

Rebecca believes that we have consistently devalued the feminine in business; from men and women and overvalued the dysfunctional masculine energy: status, power, individual reward, over processing and over control.

She continued saying, “We will only have true equality when the feminine is valued alongside the masculine in women, men and society at large”.

Rebecca also delved into the 5 powerful traits (5 C’s) of Feminine energy that we can add to our leadership, these are

  • Change
  • Collaboration
  • Care
  • Creativity
  • Collective

“It was fantastic to hear from Rebecca on balancing masculine and feminine energy and how organisations should adopt this thinking and allow employees to embrace femininity’, said Joyce.

Rebecca concluded her presentation by encouraging guests to go out and particularly focus on bringing the Feminine 5 C’s into leadership – “If you can pick one, choose care”, she said.

MEC Mining would like to thank WIMARQ members for attending this breakfast. We look forward to hosting another one in the near future.