Successful Dozer stripping trials completed – Centrex Metals

Successful Dozer stripping trial completed

Centrex Metals Limited (“Centrex”) has completed successful dozer stripping trials of the overburden at its Ardmore Phosphate Rock Project (“Ardmore”) in North West Queensland. Two trenches were excavated through the shale overburden within the Northern and Southern Zones of the deposit using a Cat D9 dozer. The trials were overseen by dozer stripping experts from MEC Mining with the purpose of providing accurate productivity factors to feed into mining feasibility studies current underway.

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Case Study – Iron Ore Mine Optimisation


Current commodity prices and ever-increasing competition between mining operations dictate a cost effective, achievable and well-presented mining sequence. MEC Mining was approached by an open cut iron ore mine to optimise their detailed mining sequence. The solution proposed by MEC Mining and implemented by the client enabled the operation to mine more efficiently, preventing costly errors and delays in production.

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MEC’s CEO breakfast tackles diversity and flexibility

Executives from Anglo American, Adani, Queensland Resources Council, Metro Mining and JukesTodd joined an interactive discussion led by MEC’s Maria Joyce at MEC’s first CEO round-table breakfast.

The exclusive event on 6 February 2018 at The Brisbane Club was an opportunity for industry leaders to have a frank, robust discussion about some of the most pressing and complex issues facing mining today. The small panel of invited guests from a diverse range of backgrounds was brought together to share their own experiences and provide a nuanced view around themes relating to:

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Mine Rehabilitation

MEC was approached by a Central Queensland Coal Mine to develop an optimal rehabilitation plan. The client needed to accurately estimate rehabilitation costs, ensure the rehabilitation plan was cost effective and provide confidence to the government of the value of the environmental bond. MEC optimised the rehabilitation plan using our in-house evaluation and simulation process:

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Tax breaks for real-world research: the R&D tax incentive

What if, as active participants in the mining industry, we could be encouraged to spend money solving real-world problems and undertaking serious research into issues that impact us? The Research and development (R&D) tax incentive might be an effective pathway to recover or offset some costs of conducting tangible research and development activities.

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