How a technical consultant can value-add on your site

Written by Alessandro Dotta – Underground Metals Lead and Principal Mining Engineer at MEC Mining

So, your operation is well-staffed with qualified, trained employees. Your people are pretty committed to a particular project, and everyone seems to be pulling in the same direction. Yet, despite this, you’re not making the advances you’d like to see; there’s progress but the rate is frustratingly slow or the results minimal. You may have considered engaging the services of a technical consultant then dismissed the idea because, well, your team already has plenty of expertise.

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What Makes a Successful Mining Consultant?

There are many career paths open to graduate mining engineers. It can be difficult to decide where your experience, personality and skills fit in best. Becoming a mining consultant can be a highly rewarding career.

Good communication skills, flexibility, business acumen and technical expertise are just some of the requirements of a good mining consultant.

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