Podcasts that are a Must Watch!

Podcasts have been causing quite a lot of noise lately. Yes, literally. If you’re completely new to the podcast scene, podcasts are a series of audio files made available online. Most podcasts are set up like a TV or radio show, with different “seasons” and episodes focused on varied topics featuring special guests.

Listeners can subscribe to specific podcasts, download new episodes, and listen whenever it’s convenient to them. While podcasts have been around for about a decade — think back to 2004 when Apple’s iPod minis were all the rage, and iTunes Music Store had just gone international — there’s been a surge in listenership in the last couple years that’s getting a lot of attention from business owners, celebrities, advertisers, and consumers alike.

There aren’t too many podcasts specialising in the mining industry, but these three are defiantly worth listening to:

1.  Dig Deep – The Mining Podcast

The podcast channel discusses and educates on the industry news, hot topics and company reviews through live interviews with mining professionals and leading figures in the mining industry. Their special guests share their experiences and journeys to help others in the industry to overcome challenges and problems they may be experiencing.

2.  Exploration Radio

Exploration Radio is a mining related podcast focused on the past, present and future of mineral exploration. It features interviews and discussions with explorers about the challenges they have faced, the lessons that we can all learn from their experiences and how we can better prepare for the future in the mining sector.

3.  The Northern Miner Podcast

The original global mining podcast. The Northern Miner is a one-of-a-kind information resource. With over 100 years of experience serving the mining and exploration industry.

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