We hear you. It can be so hard to feel connected to your loved ones when you’re hours apart, and missing out on events, catch ups and quality time with them.

Luckily, keeping in contact while you are on roster, has never been easier than in this day and age!

Here are six platforms to use to stay up to date and in contact with your loved ones.

1. Skype/Facetime/Facebook Video

This is the closest thing to face-to-face contact. Perfect for live family chats to communicate all at the same times. It’s free and simple to keep in touch – all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

2. WhatsApp

The perfect app for group chats. Send messages, images, gifs, voice recordings, etc;  all at your leisure.

3. Videos and Voice Recordings

No need for special apps to nail this one – but you can sing happy birthday into the phone and send it to your loved one on their birthday, just as an example.

4. Family Organiser Apps

Get “Cozi” to keep you in the loop with what’s happening in people’s day-to-day life at home. This way you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to appointments, playdates, and everything in-between.

5. Podcasts/Movies

Organise to both watch or listen to a podcast/movie at the same time as each other – then talk about it over the phone later.

6. Online/App games

There are so many live games to play with others. Grab a mate and load up your console.