MEC Mining offers customised training courses

MEC Mining has expanded its offering to include a range of excellent training options to their clients and staff.

Due to our expertise across a range of commonly used mining software packages, we have developed best practices that actually work in real mines,” explains Daniel Chippendale, Director at MEC Mining. “Our courses are customised and flexible which makes them perfect for upskilling and development in the ever-changing resource industry.

MEC’s success is due in part to their strong combination of technical experience and operational understanding when using mining software packages such as Surpac, Vulcan, Deswik, Minescape, Minex, Xpac and Xact to name but a few. It is this expertise that they are offering to their clients.

Everything we do is in response to a need in the marketplace. We asked our clients what else we could do for them, and they identified training as a key driver to success. We have been tailoring courses for their staff ever since, in the same way we deliver tailor-made solutions for their business,” says Daniel.

It is not surprising to learn that this offering grew as a result of customer demand. Consistently high customer service standards are at the centre of MEC Mining’s success. They offer their clients an end-to-end mine technical and management service. Their model ensures continuity of information, access to a range of skills and delivers operational reality to all stages of the project timeline. Training is a natural next step in the sharing of information, making it an obvious choice for MEC’s growing list of clients.

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