Bringing Realism To Feasibility Studies

With the experience gained from a variety of different mining backgrounds and a good mix of operational and planning experience, MEC can provide a holistic and common-sense approach to feasibility studies.

By assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented by various mining scenarios, the team is able to differentiate between what could be achieved and what will be achieved.  This in turn produces best-practice mining solutions, produces real-world outcomes and provides a high degree of confidence in all projects undertaken for our clients.

This process of applying realistic evaluations to Life of Mine Plans (LOM) was utilised by MEC at a client’s open-cut mine, where in prior work unrealistic costs were used in pit optimisations. By drawing on the teams mining knowledge and experience, an updated cost model and optimised pit shell was developed. The final LOM result provided an improved schedule that was achievable with significant reduction in gaps in the ore supply within the Life of Mine plan.