When to Consider Bulk Dozer Push?

Bulk dozer push is applicable to a range of situations and can be applied in flat dip strip mines and steep dip mines using apparent dip stripping.  Bulk dozer push uses the void created by coal mining to move material to spoil cheaply.  Generally, dozer push is applicable to spoil up to 60m above the basal seam, with prestrip applied to the upper waste as the depth to coal increases.

In steeply dipping mines, the strips can be oriented at an angle to the coal dip to create a void and a moderate apparent strip floor angle. This creates a scenario bulk where cast blasting and bulk dozer push can significantly reduce the waste costs.

In conventional strip mining, push strategies can be applied to both single seam or multi-seam geometry. Often the best solution is to push the upper burdens to maximise the use of the void, leaving the lowest burden for truck shovel.

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