MEC Mining’s Expertise on Display at Mines and Money Hong Kong


MEC Mining showcased their business offering at the 8th annual Mines and Money Hong Kong conference last month. The exhibition attracts stakeholders from all stages of the mining cycle, which makes it the perfect place for MEC Mining to do what we do best: build relationships.

“MEC Mining prides itself on the relationships we develop with our clients. Our business is built on meaningful long term partnerships. Mines and Money Hong Kong presented us with an opportunity to forge some new ones” says Tim Cooper, Project Lead at MEC Mining.

Two members of MEC Mining’s team attended the event. One of them was Mark Slater, a Senior Mining Consultant who described it as an ideal environment to showcase MEC’s expertise. “MEC Mining welcomed a range of delegates to our stall each afternoon for interesting, sometimes unexpected conversations.”

Delegates at the conference represented almost every facet of the mining industry.

But there was more to the event than just networking. Tim Cooper shared his observations and insights.

“You could tell that the mining industry is under strain just by the number of delegates there. But even though attendee numbers were noticeably down from last year, there was no shortage of topical, thought-provoking discussions on a range of topics, presented and attended by mining experts and analysts from the top of their fields.” Tim expanded.

“The mining sector is struggling. We all know that. The investment climate was noticeably more cautious than I’ve seen it in previous years. There are still willing investors out there but the parameters are a lot more specific. They want minimal capital spend and low running costs. They are looking for certainty. The uncertain market is making it very difficult to raise capital, especially for small projects.”

It is actually the perfect time to invest in mining according to Tim, whose advice to investors is to take a long term view. Investors who are willing to invest for the long haul have their pick of the crop.

Tim explained that China was, unsurprisingly, a large part of the conference conversation, with a panel discussion dedicated to where the Chinese are investing their money. But focus also fell on the changing investment sentiment in Asia’s mining industry as well as on Mongolia and Indonesia specifically.

Roundtable discussions on commodity investment and innovative financing trends were the order of the day, but by night, the delegates mingled. The conference culminated in the 8th Annual Mines and Money Awards, rewarding excellence in all aspects of the mining industry.

“Mines and Money presented us with an ideal forum for meeting potential clients. Our business offering is international. We offer our clients global insights into best practise for the entire life of mine process. We also provide a strong combination of technical experience and operational understanding. The conference was an excellent opportunity to showcase what we do” says Tim.

We asked Tim: before we let you go, what would you invest in?

“Mineral sands stood out for me”.

So there you have it. Tim’s tip from Mines and Money Hong Kong. You heard it first from MEC Mining.