MEC’s milestone birthday marks a new dawn

MEC Mining celebrated its 12th birthday, entertaining clients at an exclusive cocktail event at Alchemy Restaurant and Bar in Brisbane. This year also marks an exciting turning point for MEC in terms of our leadership.

Big news

MEC Directors Simon Cohn, Daniel Chippendale and Ted Boulton will this year step back from working in the business and instead turn their focus to strategic initiatives with clients.

Maria Joyce, General Manager – Strategy and Business Development, made the announcement at the event.

CE 1 “2018 marks the year that our fearless leaders have handed over the reins and entrusted us to lead their company,” Maria told guests. “They did this to provide the employees of MEC with an opportunity to grow, look at the company from a fresh lens, and challenge us to elevate the experience and service we provide to our clients to the next level.”

“Most importantly, they have the opportunity to now work on the business – not in it – and spend more time connecting with industry to really understand how MEC can continue to add value into the future.”

MEC General Manager – Operations, David Plowman, who will lead alongside Maria also thanked the team for their efforts and achievements.

Maria commended the directors for their tenacity during Australia’s mining downturn. “There have been some incredibly challenging periods, where they could have easily walked away like a lot of other consulting companies did. Instead, the directors dug deep, pushed forward and did what they had to do to support our clients and employees through some of the toughest times the resources industry has faced.”

Our story so far

MEC began in 2005 in response a need in the market for good quality mining engineering services. “It was a time when a lot of mines were becoming more complicated, and there was a demand for consultancy services,” explains Director Ted Boulton.

Since 2005, MEC has developed into a leading consultancy firm, specialising in both open-cut and underground mining for the coal and minerals sectors. “Coming through the downturn, MEC has actually forged ahead,” CFO Julia Kouba points out. “We’ve done this by consolidating our service offerings to focus on mining engineering in both coal and metalliferous sectors.”

Our experienced consultants are drawn from diverse backgrounds and bring different strengths and personalities to the work they do. What unites the team is a common goal of achieving the best solution for each client.

“We’re a team of people who are always interested in helping one another. There is never segregation or politics; it’s all about the best outcome,” says Christofer Catania adding that the team’s diversity is of crucial value. “We now have a team who have grown inside of this culture of adding value, but they have skills from all facets of mining that we can put to work and actually gain more for our clients.”chris

“The work we do for our clients is really impressive,” David Plowman explains simply. “People come to us with a problem and we are able to provide them with a solution to that – and normally add something to make their project better.”

MEC’s values underpin everything we do, including how we work with our clients, how we solve problems, how we innovate, and how we grow as a team:

  • Collaborating and sharing ideas is how we do business.
  • We make relationships count.
  • We do the highest quality work to get the right outcome.
  • We take ownership.
  • We are courageous in dealing with people and ideas.

MEC is a business that’s been built on relationships. We look forward to many more years of achieving fantastic outcomes for our clients. View our new corporate video here.