MEC Mining: built to survive the bust

We know what you’re thinking:

“Why would I want to be employed by a mining consultancy if there’s a likelihood of another mining downturn? What then?”

It’s a question we are sometimes asked by candidates during interviews.

Our answer?

“We’ve been around for 13 years. In that time, MEC Mining has survived the global financial crisis (GFC), as well as the four-year bust that followed the boom. We’re still here, while many others aren’t.”

Our survival relies on a simple strategy. We recruit good people, who are also the best mining engineers in the business. And we make sure that those engineers are equally comfortable in front of a CEO as they are in front of a tech services manager or a dozer operator. We have built versatility and agility into the way we recruit and work, which allows us to adapt according to the sector’s circumstances.

At MEC we also see ourselves as active contributors to the mining industry. Rather than being at the mercy of market forces, our consultants have agency in the evolution of mining. We position ourselves as collaborators and thought leaders, and we know that our ideas and knowledge have value whether mining is booming or in the midst of a downturn.

Built and managed by engineers, MEC is a close-knit team that has survived and thrived through some of mining’s most challenging years. If times get tough again, we’ll adapt again: skip the coffee catch-ups in the city, fire up vulcan and head back to the coalface.