MEC Mining 10th Year and Christmas Celebration

MEC Mining celebrated its milestone 10th anniversary year – and kicked off its Christmas festivities – in style, via a lavish party at Dreamworld on Saturday, November 14.

Up to 70 people attended the theme-park event at the Gold Coast, including all staff and their families. As the theme park was lit up like a giant beacon and grand music played, the revelry began at Dreamworld’s aptly-named Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness, with Kung Fu himself greeting guests.

Highlights included a Santa appearance, with gifts for the kids; a group photo taken at Dreamworld’s iconic entrance sign; and partygoers enjoyed fabulous and fun-filled rides aplenty on the world’s most-loved gingerbread man, the Gingy’s Glider and on one of Dreamworld’s ‘Big 9 Thrill Rides’, the Pandamonium.

MEC Managing director Simon Cohn addressed the audience on behalf of his fellow directors, MEC’s founder, Director of Business Development and Marketing Daniel Chippendale and Director of Consulting Services Ted Boulton, and thanked the staff and their families for all their hard work and support in making MEC truly great.

General Manager Maria Joyce also made a speech, thanking the directors in turn for all their commitment and encouragement, before staff awards were handed out.

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