Top 5 Mining Camp Must-Dos

Working in the mining industry often requires you to live in a mining camp. While there are some perks associated with a mine camp – such as meals cooked for you, cleaning services and low cost of living – it can also be hard to get used to sometimes.

Depending on your roster, it’s not unusual for mining professionals to do four-week stints at a mining village. So, it’s best you prepare yourself ahead of time for mining camp realities in order to make the most of your experience.

1. Stay safe

Safety is paramount on a mining camp. Ensure you are well-familiar with the evacuation plan and the master-point location in case of emergency. This is even more crucial when long, working days and heat, dust and flies may leave you feeling exhausted. Keep your wits about you.

IMG_1547 (2)2. Pack smart

As mining camps are generally remote, your isolated setting means you will have to pack very carefully prior to camp arrival. Remember to take all your important personal items such as toiletries, medicine and a mobile phone and charger. You will also need to pack your trusty pluggers, as only thongs are allowed to be worn in the mess hall.

3. Keep in touch

In order to safeguard both your mental health and well-being during a mining-camp stint, you should consider setting up regular phone and/or Skype calls with your loved ones. This will help ease your loneliness and isolation if you’re going to be away for a long period of time. Reach out – don’t suffer in silence and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re suffering undue stress, anxiety or depression.

4. Get social

Developing a sense of camaraderie and kinship with your fellow mining-camp professionals can really boost your spirits. Try your best to be open to meeting new people at wet-mess social activities, especially during any big sporting events. Ensure you remember to check out the wet-mess timetable so you can fully enjoy the social life on-site.

5. Remain Healthy

It’s vital you keep your physical health in check during a mining-camp stint. Given one of the on-site perks is that all food is provided and camps normally cater for all dietary requirements, ensure you don’t overeat. You should also stay active by hitting the on-site sporting facilities. What’s more, a post-work gym session or social game of cricket or basketball is a great stress-release and healthy way to build the relationship with the client.