MEC Mining are committed to each new contract: big or small

MEC works with a broad spectrum of companies, from the mid-range and fledglings to some of the mining industry’s biggest names.

This latter group are often staffed with their own experts, equipped with knowledge and experience but they still call on us to help them troubleshoot and problem-solve. This productive collaborative approach is very rewarding – for both parties.

One of the big operators engaged MEC last year, to run an options study on a copper and gold project in Western Australia. The three-month contract included reviewing their block model and running pit optimisation models for multiple scenarios.

Over a three month period, MEC reviewed the client’s current assumptions for applicability, such as Economic Assumptions (exchange and discount rates, ore prices and project CAPEX), Metallurgical and Ore Processing Assumptions, Load & Haul costs, Drill & Blast costs, Grade Control costs and Dilution losses.

24 Pit Shell scenarios were then generated and compared, changing operational constraints like ramp placement and different equipment combinations. One of the scenarios run was a comparison against the client’s parameters, while the other scenarios were options to improve the project’s profitability showing how an ‘outside’ perspective can often broaden options.

It’s always rewarding to work with clients whose knowledge helps us to expand our own, but, regardless of size, we are proud to approach each new contract with the same level of commitment.