MEC Mining Acquires Integrated Geological Mining Services

MEC Mining, the Brisbane based global mining consultancy, further bolstered their growing capabilities this week announcing the acquisition of Western Australia’s Integrated Geological Mining Services (IGMS). The Fremantle based consultancy company, which provides dedicated services to the resources industry and covers all aspects of exploration and mining activities, will now support MEC’s successful expansion into the west providing a multitude of bespoke services.

Christofer Catania, MEC’s Chief Executive Officer, believes Integrated Geological Mining Services will be a formidable addition to the company’s growing portfolio. “IGMS has already built a solid reputation across the resources sector, successfully consulting with clients on multi-commodity projects across Australia, Europe and South-East Asia.

“Their holistic approach to both exploration and mining dovetails neatly with the MEC ethos and aligns with our customer-focussed approach which values quality end-to-end services to maximise our clients’ returns.”

Catania is confident that the acquisition will deliver immediate benefits to the market and IGMS director and senior geologist, Mike Atkinson concurs. “Since the outset, IGMS has focussed on the highest quality services, outcomes and professionalism, and adopted a collaborative team approach to all aspects of our work. These same values drive the team at MEC Mining.” Atkinson feels these similarities mean all parties are “Ready to hit the ground running.”

Having already diversified and grown the company’s offerings with its Geotechnical and  Advisory arm, MEC’s latest move signals significant benefits for mining clients. With an already proven track record of highly successful project collaborations, Christofer Catania asserts the additional experience and complementary knowledge provided by IGMS will support MEC Mining in its mission to deliver unparalleled services to their customers in the resources sector.