Is Mining Evil?

Every time I turn on the TV these days there is an evil, greedy mining corporation killing, maiming and polluting in the ruthless pursuit of money. So allegedly, according to TV, mining companies are plundering away unchecked at everyone’s expense. The themes vary from the heartless interplanetary miners in Avatar, Alien and Moon, to the idolisation of crooks that rob gold mines such as in the Point Break remake. At least mining got the last say on Point Break, because the movie’s plot was very ordinary to say the least.

Evil mining corporations are only outdone by evil weapons and technology companies, that are naturally endowed with the tools to take over the world – think Cyberdyne from terminator. To me, mining seems fairly mundane and no more evil than someone who sells hotdogs, a newsagent or the telephone company (actually phone companies might deserve an honorary mention on the evil corporation list for persisting with all day technician appointment windows). In the interests of balance, while mining performs the not so trivial role of supplying all the materials to make our cars, houses and keep the lights on, there is money to be made, and money is the root of all evil so they say.

So to put this issue to bed for ever, I’m going to put it out there for a vote, is mining really evil? Share your thoughts on our Linkedin page.

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