How to Plan Dozer Push

The 5 P’s are important in Bulk Dozer Push. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Simply pegging out the pivot point and letting the dozers loose can result in lost opportunities. One of the most effective ways to design dozer push is using sections, then joining the sections to make 3D surfaces. Firstly, evaluate the pivot point location – should it be the standard projection from coal edge or is there an advantage in raising the pivot line?

Secondly, design the slices and calculate the cut off surface. A productivity calculator such as Cat DozSim or MEC Mining’s calculator will help you work out your unit cost for each slice. You may be surprised that when designing to pre-set criteria (eg 20% cut off grade), that often the last slice is either not economic, or you could have pushed deeper.

Lastly, evaluate the material on the highwall.  Does the dozer side cut it or sidecast with an excavator cut? Or simply leave it to the trucks.  The answer is in planning your push and understanding the costs involved.

MEC Mining offers a bulk dozer push training course featuring sessions covering efficient operating concepts and how to design for bulk push.  For more information view our training course pdf or visit our website.