Assistance in making key decisions

When a mining company needed help evaluating the mining strategy for the next 10 years MEC assisted in developing three separate options for owner operation. The client now has a detailed understanding of the engineering, costs and risks.

The Challenge 

The company currently operates a contract mining site and wanted to investigate the costs and feasibility of an owner operation. 

The key issues where: 

  • Equipment selection 
  • Site manning 
  • Maintenance strategy 
  • Product tonnes   

How we helped? 

MEC took the following approach to help achieve the objectives: 

  • Understanding of the contract operation 
  • Detailed understanding of the mine planning options and ability to model in the latest software 
  • Detailed costing of three scenarios in the latest software  
  • Analysis of risk  

Value delivered 

The cost model was expanded to three comprehensive Life of Mine model to allow the client to make the key decisions required to ensure a prosperous future.