Adding Value Through Real-World Solutions

At MEC we pride ourselves on understanding all aspects of the mining system, allowing for the recognition of opportunities within clients’ mine-planning strategies.Our highly experienced mining team is adept at providing strategies for improvement and we firmly believe in giving our clients the best return on their investment. We also truly value our client relationships and work closely with them to ensure the highest-quality solutions are tailored to their needs.

One of the hardest decisions clients have to make is determining the right scope for a project. Therefore, our first step on any project is to constructively challenge the scope of the project. We ask: Is this right way to do the job? We then work closely with the client and their team to ensure the best option is pursued.

Thanks to our team’s extensive operational experience, our engineers have an owner’s point of view when executing a project. Our engineers understand the benefits of working with a good plan and focus on the delivery of quality results. We strive to deliver sustainable and achievable results which we know are real-world solutions.

shutterstock_159207104 [Converted]-01Improved the economics of the project by over $7M.

A prime example of this was when MEC was engaged by an open-cut gold mine to make adjustments to an access ramp to use smaller trucks and reduce overall stripping. MEC proposed an alternative ramp access that allowed the larger trucks to be used, which greatly accelerated ore supply. The overall design improvements increased product tonnes by six per cent and reduced total material by nine per cent. This improved the economics of the project by over $7M.

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