Team Day 2023

MEC Mining’s Team Day took place in Perth and Brisbane last Friday and was a resounding success, bringing together the teams both virtually and in person for a day of celebration, fun and updates.

It was great to hear from the management team who provided valuable insights across the business.

Both teams had some fun in a couple of team-building activities followed by afternoon drinks and canapes.

Thank you to all those involved in making the day a great success!

We look forward to Team Day 2024!

What does a high-performance culture look like?

In my eyes, it’s one that brings together diverse, unique and innovative people who are passionate about achieving a common goal. These individuals have a fire in their belly to make change and both challenge and embrace the distinctive strengths each brings to the game. They dust each other off when they fall and have learnt to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Every member of the team feels valued and included by their direct working group and leaders. 

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