MEC Mining turns 14

Needless to say, the past year has been busy and exciting. As we reflect on how far we’ve come, we’re pleased to say we have no regrets.

Our 13th birthday marked some significant changes in the way we run our business, as Directors Simon Cohn, Daniel Chippendale and Ted Boulton made the decision to step back from working in the business and instead turn their focus to strategic initiatives with clients.

As we turn 14, we’re as energised as ever as our business continues to mature under the guidance of our senior leaders David Plowman (General Manager), Julia Kouba (CFO) and Christofer Catania (Manager of Consulting Services).

Looking back, looking ahead

Since our beginnings in 2005, MEC has been characterised by its ability to adapt to the market and add value for clients. We were founded by Daniel Chippendale in response to a need in the market for good quality engineering services as mines became increasingly complicated. Over the years, we have developed into a leading consultancy firm specialising in open-cut and underground mining for the coal and minerals sectors.

Our strength lies in our experienced consultants, who are driven by a common goal of finding the best solutions for our clients. We are committed to making MEC a great place to work – our work culture thrives on diversity, celebrates different personalities, makes time for fun, and does outstanding work.

“The work we do for our clients is really impressive,” David Plowman says simply. “We solve problems and add value.”

With 14 successful years behind us, we know we can continue to make a positive impact on the mining industry as we move into the future.