Our top 10 posts of 2017

MEC Mining’s news is jam packed with up-to-date mining news, trends and tips. If you’ve ever wondered which posts our readers find most interesting, here are our top ten posts of 2017.

1.Conveying vs Trucking: Truck and shovel operation make up the majority of the surface operations worldwide, this is also the case here in Australia. However, considering high workforce cost and high focus on safety, one would expect the use of conveying systems to be a more popular option in Australia. Read more here:

2. This One Time, At Mining Camp: Anyone who has done FIFO or DIDO probably has countless stories about their camp experiences. Equally positive and negative I am sure. Read more here.

3. Dump Scheduling and Haulage Simulation: One of the major financial impacts on any mine site is the number of trucks required to extract the coal/ore.  By accurately evaluating the cycle times of individual haul routes from mining blocks to dump locations over the course of the mine life, the total amount of trucks at different years can be established. By evaluating alternate scenarios for dumping strategies sites can establish which option offers the lowest truck hours. Read more here.

4.Contract Mining: What’s your Style? There are many scenarios that might result in a mine owner looking for assistance from a contract miner.  Choosing the right contracting strategy can be something of a mine-field (see what I did there?), depending not only upon the project objectives the mine owner is trying to achieve. But also a mix of other considerations such as: operating experience; in house capability (or “bench strength”); resources (people and equipment); attitude to risk; geographic location; and financial capacity – to name just a few.  Often the timing around engagement of a mining contractor is a critical consideration as well. Read more here:

5. How valuable are organisational values? We’re all familiar with lists of organisational values but how much credence should we give them when we’re seeking out businesses to collaborate with or work for? Read more here.

6. MEC Mining launches innovative consultancy platform EnhanceA: We’re pleased to introduce MEC Mining’s latest startup venture, EnhanceA. EnhanceA is the only online platform that allows clients to search, book and engage with consultants across multiple companies in the mining, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors. Our software streamlines the process of engaging consultants, making it simpler and more efficient for both businesses and individuals. Read more here.

7. Nicaragua Canal – Largest civil earthmoving operation in history: MEC Mining was invited to assist with design work for the earthworks associated with the Nicaragua Canal Project. The canal is the largest civil earthmoving operation and biggest dredging venture in history and, requires excavation of approximately 5 billion cubic meters of material. Read more here.

8. The future is flexible: working arrangements at MEC: With prominent Australian organisations such as ANZ and the Australian Stock Exchange offering their employees options around work hours and locations, flexibility is fast becoming a cornerstone of Australian businesses focused on attracting and retaining high-calibre staff. Read more here.

9. MEC supports Ocsober: Our MEC Mining General Manager, David Plowman, is giving the booze the boot this month to help Aussie kids. Read more here:

10. Championing sustainable diversity in the workplace: BHP’s commitment to seeking out excellence in mining and setting itself an aspirational goal of achieving a 50/50 gender balance by 2025 company-wide, has recently reached an impressive milestone. New figures show that women now make up a fifth of its 26,000-strong workforce, an increase of 3 percentage points in the year to June 2017 (Hume, 2017). Read more here.