Landform and Rehabilitation Plans

MEC Mining design the most efficient landform shape based on minimising the cost to construct. There is usually a variety of possible landform shape options that satisfy landform criteria and also achieve a cut to fill balance, however the cost of each option can vary greatly even when cut to fill volumes are similar. MEC Mining uses sophisticated simulation techniques to create the landform design to meet set criteria while allocating material movement to the lowest cost method and simultaneously optimising the material movement vector within each movement method to reduce operational costs.

Cost Estimation

Optimised landform designs are accompanied by a cost estimate to construct the landform. Cost estimates are built on dozer push distance and grade simulations and haul distances for trucked material where required. The cost estimates are detailed and robust and can be used as the basis for issuing tenders and/or comparing tenders for rehabilitation work packages.

Dozerpush Plans and Designs

MEC Mining dozer push rehabilitation plans include: target cut to fill surfaces compatible with GPS guidance software, push vector layers and can be provided with stacked sequence surfaces for complicated tasks. The dozer push designs and push vectors are optimised to minimise the overall cost of completing the bulk push by solving for the lowest overall push distances and grades to complete the cut/fill operation. MEC Mining will incorporate scrapers and truck shovel movement where required and create plans that are ready for the execution team.

Estimated Rehabilitation Cost Calculator (QLD)

MEC Mining provide independent expert reports (shadow tenders) for material movement rates to replace default rates in the Estimated Rehabilitation Cost Calculator. In many instances the default rates in the calculator are based on small quantities and not representative of the cost advantages achieved when large volumes of material movement are involved. MEC Mining will calculate and provide rates that can be used in the calculator and are accepted by the regulator.

Landform Optioneering and Optimisation

Commonly, ambiguity or a low level of detail in Environmental Authority agreements means that the rehabilitation concept is not always clear. MEC Mining can assist by optioneering the landform design to quickly evaluate various landform criteria options to understand landform shape and the cost of constructing a variety of options. This allows efficient decision making and enables more productive engagement with regulators.

Project Management

MEC Mining provide project management for rehabilitation on active mine sites. The advantage of having MEC Mining manage the rehabilitation execution is that it provides integration between the operations team and the advanced power of the optimisation software to provide designs and plans that are more cost efficient, meaning lower cost rehabilitation. MEC Mining personnel stationed on site will monitor progress to provide surety around compliance to plan which minimises cost. We have a dozer push training package which is crucial for educating dozer operators on how to work efficiently and prevent costly rehandle. MEC Mining will work with owner teams or contractors to achieve the best overall outcome for the site.

Equipment Selection

Before going to tender for rehabilitation work it is prudent to understand the optimal equipment specification to undertake the rehabilitation work. MEC Mining will advise which equipment to use to achieve to lowest possible cost including strategies around dozer blade selection and truck tray volume specification.

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