Meet Negin – International Women’s Day 2020

The MEC Mining team are celebrating International Women’s Day by introducing you to some of the wonderful women who make it so great. We sat down with Senior Mining Engineer and Team Leader, Negin Beaton and asked her some questions to showcase her view on what it means to be a woman in the mining and resources sector.

Negin is a team leader of four mining engineers and does consulting work for a variety of projects and resources including midterm planning, pit optimisation and maximising operational efficiency at our Brisbane office.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

  • Celebrate our successes by showcasing inspiring and leading females (particularly in industries where females are underrepresented)
  • Share our challenges and lessons learnt – we’ve all had a role to play in changes that have been made so far but we have a way to go
  • Empowerment for all towards a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Every day should be IWD, until a day it is no longer needed (we have achieved equality)

What does this year’s theme ‘Each For Equal’ mean for you?

  • We ALL have a role to play to achieve the diversity in an industry that is proven to lead to better work environments and better performing teams
  • Our male champions of change are equally as integral to the culture shift that is required
  • Collaborating our efforts to address gender biases and challenge stereotypes – which is being done, but measuring the effectiveness of these strategies and whether what we are doing is enough to make an impact

How do you overcome challenges in gender equality?

  • I challenge the norm and will speak up to be part of the change required that will support future females in similar roles while sharing the rewarding career I have had so far to inspire those who have not otherwise considered Engineering as a career path

Do you have a role model/icon you look up to empower you when you face challenges in inclusion?

  • YES – multiple
  • I draw strength and inspiration from female role models that are in senior positions, and balancing work and life – a past official mentor of mine fit this description perfectly and I learnt a lot from her where your support network is such a huge factor in your successes
  • I have had a very rewarding career where I have always felt supported, and very rarely have I felt like I was the female, rather just one of the engineers 
  • My current (informal) mentors are all males and key to my career successes and pathways to date

What’s your pledge to women in 2020 – how are you going to contribute to closing the gender gap?

  • My passion and motivation to address gender diversity specifically in Engineering has led to my role in the last year running the UQ Women in Engineering program which I’m very excited to continue working within 2020, as well as balancing my time with MEC as a Senior Mining Engineer
  • I believe we all need to see the bigger picture here and support building the pipeline of talent coming through – my work with the University is largely focused on the engagement with prospective students in high school
  • We need to educate our future pipeline of talent that diversity of inputs is proven to lead to better-performing teams and in Engineering, this fosters innovation ultimately allowing for better outcomes and solutions to challenges we are facing as a society

Today and every day we celebrate the incredible women in our organisation here at MEC Mining who do great things for the sector.

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