MEC Mining provides a diverse range of consultancy services to clients throughout Australia and Internationally.

Mine Studies

MEC Mining has a team of skilled and experienced mine planners undertaking work on mining studies across various commodities and mining methods.

Our Technical Consulting team is adept at using our experience, advanced software and efficient processes to generate value adding outcomes. MEC Mining has recently completed several mine planning and feasibility studies across commodities including coal, copper and gold. 

Our field of expertise includes geotechnical engineering, geology and mine planning for:

  • Open cut coal
  • Underground coal
  • Open pit metalliferous
  • Underground metalliferous

Our team regularly complete tasks including:

  • Resource modelling
  • Orebody optimisation or margin ranking
  • Mining methodology, design, planning & scheduling
  • Equipment selection
  • Xpac/Deswik model builds
  • Coal washability modelling
  • Operating and capital cost estimation
  • Project financial modelling
  • Project review and due diligence

MEC use associates as required in the areas of geology, infrastructure, environment, geotechnical, rail, port and industrial relations.

Operational Readiness

Our team of experienced engineers assist our clients to make the transition into production or from contractor to owner operator.

With recent operating experience on a variety of sites, our people know best practise and work to embed efficient process and operating techniques to maximise performance. MEC Mining provides the following services for operational readiness:

  • Detailed operational mine designs and schedules
  • Planning process development
  • Operational systems implementation
  • Contractor engagement, management, tender preparation and evaluation
  • Provision of professional and supervisory personnel
  • Geotechnical engineering and geology training
  • IP development

Operational Planning

MEC Mining provides quality people for professional site roles from our pool of trained and experienced engineers.

MEC’s thorough recruitment process ensures that we hire quality people who are specialists in their fields, and we provide them with the backup necessary to perform strongly in operational roles.

We offer a broad range of mine site support options from auditing and mentoring, through to short term operational planning. Our people hold skills across all the commonly used mining software packages including Surpac, Vulcan, Deswik, Minescape, Minex and Datamine as well as specialisation specific software.

Our team specialise in:

  • Bulk Dozer Push (learn more)
  • Drill and blast
  • Scheduling
  • Truck and shovel
  • Mine planning
  • Ventilation
  • Engineering geology and resource geology
  • Draglines
  • Project management
  • Operational management
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Backfill
  • Ground Control Management
  • Inrush and Seimic Risk Management

Mine Closure

We form beneficial relationships with you, our client, to take mining projects from conception through to production.

We are recognised for the quality of our work and our willingness to back it up in the boardroom and on the mine site.

We provide consulting services and professional labour hire to achieve the continuity of services along the project development pipeline. MEC Mining provides mine planning solutions to minimise closure cost and environmental impact of mining projects.

  • Landform and rehabilitation plans
  • Cost estimation
  • Dozerpush plans and designs
  • Estimated rehabilitation cost calculator (QLD)
  • Landform optioneering and optimisation
  • Project management
  • Equipment selection


We provide relevant, practical and innovative professional development directly applicable to the demanding roles on your mine site.

From long term concept study process mentoring to graduate skills boot camps, MEC training provides candidates with key skills and knowledge for site and office roles, addressing the challenge of using multiple tools to achieve effective operational outcomes.

What we do

MEC Mining provides relevant, practical and innovative professional development directly applicable to the demanding roles on your mine site.

How we do it

MEC Mining uses a combination of consultants to tailor the course content to meet the specific needs of the candidate. Drawing on a base lesson plan and massive resource pool to ensure examples are kept relevant and applicable, facilitators apply a continuous improvement model to the provision of training and mentoring services. Follow up visits by the facilitator are also encouraged to ensure the skills are embedded back on site, or in the office.

Our Training Courses