Project: Gold Mine Scheduling System

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Company Profile

The company is a mid-tier gold miner that required the development and implementation of site tracking and scheduling systems part of a Greenfields development to operational mining phase. The introduction of these tools was aimed at increased efficiency, clear reporting functionality for both technical and operational teams, and accurate measures for contractor performance and invoicing.


Key Issues

While MEC engineers were working on site they identified the following key issues:

  • Drilling contractor KPIs not tracked
  • Blasting contractor KPIs not tracked
  • Civil earthworks contractor performance recorded but not reconciled
  • Insufficient mining fleet data management
  • Limited ore tracking and grade control systems
  • Unestablished short, medium and long term planning systems


Our Solution

MEC took the following approach to introduce a straight forward, user friendly system to a newly operating site:

  • Developed highly customised, user-friendly tools which ensured accurate tracking and reporting of KPIs across multiple departments (from planning to accounts) for:
    • Drill & Blast
    • Contractor services
    • Mining
    • Maintenance
  • Produced monthly/fortnightly/daily cost tracking templates for the operations team
  • Created detailed monthly/fortnightly scheduling tools (inclusive of GANNT chart tracking) to ensure operational targets were accurately estimated and communicated to the site team. This tools included dig block tracking and stockpile grade calculation
  • Conducted one on one training with the client to ensure the system was effectively commissioned and sustainable. In addition to implementing the new system on site.


Benefits to the Client

The systems developed allowed the client to efficiently manage and communicate their daily to monthly production targets in an auditable and transparent format.   It also provided them with the means to conduct accurate contractor reconciliations on site.


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