What does a high-performance culture look like?

In my eyes, it’s one that brings together diverse, unique and innovative people who are passionate about achieving a common goal. These individuals have a fire in their belly to make change and both challenge and embrace the distinctive strengths each brings to the game. They dust each other off when they fall and have learnt to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Every member of the team feels valued and included by their direct working group and leaders. 

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How would Donald Trump deal with Employee Engagement?

This article has little to do with Donald Trump, but someone mentioned that you need an eye-catching title for a post on LinkedIn…

MEC Mining has a diverse workforce of mining engineers spread across Australia and around the world. These engineers typically spend long periods of time away from our Brisbane office working on remote mine sites.

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MEC Mining – Values your Underground Coal Margins

MEC Mining – Values your Underground Coal Margins

The hardworking team, at MEC, just love to “get down and dirty” for your mine technical, financial and operational needs. Here are just some of the un-shameless activities we find ourselves involved in across Surface and Underground Commodities:

  • Mine Studies – Concept to Closure, Due Diligence;
  • Operational Support – Project Management;
  • Site Support – Technical Services & Field Specialists, and
  • Mine Rehabilitation & Closure – Final Landform Planning.

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Why I Have Made It My Mission To Connect With Every Mining Engineer In Australia

If you type the words mining engineer into LinkedIn and limit the location to Australia the search shows around 5,700 people. Not that many when you consider the scale of the Australian mining industry. This is just enough people to fill 11% of Suncorp Stadium or only 6% of the MCG. It is little wonder that as the industry heats up we are all struggling to find resources from such a small pool of people. It does however, raise some interesting questions:

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THE MINING MILLENNIAL – MEC Mining’s model for the future

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a millennial. I am driven by the desire to feel like I’m contributing, adding value, respected. All admirable qualities, but as anyone who has employed a millennial knows, there is a down side. I, like many of my cohort, have left employers in the lurch, just as I’m starting to fit into their grand plans, I’ve gone and put my notice in, like a 25th minute red card, forcing a backline reshuffle.

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What I have Learnt From The Last 1,000 Interviews

Owning and leading a business for over 10 years has taught me a thing or two about interviews and has certainly sharpened my intuition for picking the best candidates. During the 10 years we have hired over 150 people, interviewed around 1,000 people face to face and screened at least 5,000 candidates. So what has been so special about the 3% of people that have applied to us that we actually employed?

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NPV trap

Net present value (NPV) is the universally accepted tool for measuring the value of a mining venture. We spend a lot of effort maximizing the NPV by changing all sorts of parameters. Essentially, NPV just converts future cash flows back into today’s dollars by compounding the discount rate ( think interest rate ) into the future. NPV discounts early cash flow less and later cash flow more. Usually, any cash flows that are more than 15 years away are attributed negligible value in today’s dollars.

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